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Eponine Thenardier Fans

Her life was cold and dark yet she was unafraid...

Fans of Les Mis's Eponine
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That's Eponine, she knows her way about. Only a kid but hard to scare.

Here is a place to converse about Eponine Thenardier- one of the most dramatic and popular characters in Les Miserables.

In the book, we first meet Eponine as a happy, well taken care of child. She has a sister, Azelma, and a brother, Gavroche. When her parents lose their inn, the family moves to Paris. Her father, Thenardier, becomes the leader of a gang who robs people. Eponine and her sister are look-outs for the gang, keeping their eyes open for the police. Eponine's father makes her bring a letter to a recently moved-in neighboor, Marius Pontmercy. Eponine quickly develops feelings for Marius, but he doesnt care for her much. When Marius falls in love with the mysterious Cosette, who had come with her "father" to the Thenardier's apartment, Eponine agrees to find her house for Marius, wishing only to see him happy. She shows him the house, and becomes upset that he visits her so often. When Cosette's "father" decides to move them across the sea, Eponine tries to get them out quicker. She also disguises herself and tells Marius his friends want him at the barricade. While there, Eponine tries to lead Marius to death, but she takes the bullet instead at the last minute. He discovers her, and she dies on his lap, uttering her last words "And do you know, M'sieur Marius, I believe I was a little in love with you".

In the musical, Eponine still is the basic same character, although a bit more lovable. Her solo song is "On My Own", and she has a duet with Marius before she dies called "A Little Fall of Rain". She is also in the songs "The Robbery", "Eponine's Errand", "In My Life", "A Heart Full of Love", "Attack on the Rue Plumet", "One Day More", "Building the Barricade", and the Finale.

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